What PlanOpSim Offers

Simulation Software

Simulation Software

PlanOpSim unites the design of planar optics into a single easy-to-use software tool. PlanOpSim unites:

  • Optical design of nanostructures using a full solution of Maxwell's equations

  • Design of meta-surfaces, meta-lenses, components and holograms using powerful optimization methods

  • Integrate your meta-surface components into optical systems with the 3rd party ray-tracing software

Photonic Design Services

Photonics Design Services

Photonics can be complicated. Let PlanOpSim help you solve your design and integration problems. PlanOpSim's team has over 10 years of experience in optical modelling in multiple aspects of photonics:

  • Meta-surfaces and planar optical components

  • OLED and liquid crystal displays

  • Thin film coatings

  • LED lighting

  • Solar cells

  • Optical measurement systems