The tool forFlat Optics and Metasurface Design

With PlanOpSim’s all-in-one flat optics design solutions, you’ll accelerate R&D of metasurfaces, metalenses and other flat optics components. Simulations help you gain vital insights to fuel your innovation.


The Only All-In-One Flat Optics Simulation Software

PlanOpSim software unites the different stages of designing metasurface and flat optics components in one tool. The same software calculates and models the three key steps in metalens design:

Nanostructure modelling

A powerful solver calculates the behaviour of nanoscale elements also called meta-atoms in detail from Maxwell's equations

Flat optics component design

Holographic optimization algorithms arrange the nanostructures to produce the optical functions you specify

Target system integration

The results of PlanOpSim calculations can be directly plugged into widely used ray-tracers to calculate the metasurface's performance in the final application


Designing nanostructures and meta-atoms

PlanOpSim allows straightforward and fast simulation of the nanostructured building blocks of meta-surfaces. Any design of a metalens or other planar optics component starts with the design of the meta-atoms.

The nanostructures are modeled by a full wave solution of Maxwell’s equations. The unit-cell of a structure is surrounded by periodic boundaries.


Component design for metasurfaces

With the right arrangement of nano-structures, the metasurface can produce any optical response and deliver characteristics that are impossible with conventional materials. Any classical optical component can be reproduced on a planar substrate as a metasurface as well.
The PlanOpSim software collects the full-wave results for each meta-atom. The behaviour of an entire surface is then calculated using physical optics models. Components can be made both in a forward design where the structures are directly chosen and placed, or by an inverse design where the target behaviour of the component is entered and the software determines the metasurface which produces that behaviour.

Interested in the science behind it or how to introduce metasurfaces to your applications? Send us an email with any specific question you have, we will get back to you with appropriate examples.

Fully customizable to your needs

Do you want the software that models the specific parameters you need, for the applications you are focussing on? PlanOpSim can deliver custom features, interfaces and even entire models tailored to your wishes. In the past we have delivered the following algorithms for specific analyses:

  • Light emission and micro-cavity effects in birefringent materials: liquid crystal lasers and OLEDs

  • Algorithms for calculating light extraction and efficiency of OLEDs

  • Identification of plasmon modes for material characterization and loss analysis

Accelerate Your Flat Optics R&D Through Expert Services

Still researching flat optics? We can help. PlanOpSim offers you years of experience in photonics technology and materials at your disposal.

Optical modelling

PlanOpSim's primary expertise is numerical modelling and design of thin film and other optical components. Next to PlanOpSim's own tools, we use third party tools as required for the task.

Photonic applications

Our team can help you with testing, design and prototyping of various kinds of photonic and optical applications. Check out our work on Multi-projector setup and Optical film characterization

Measurement and characterization

We can help you with various challenges such as optical measurement setups for light scattering,photometric characterization of (O)LEDs, characterization of thin films, determination of refractive indices, birefringence and absorption and more.

These are just the areas in which we already have extensive experience. We never shy away from new challenges