PlanOpSim: planar optics simulation software


Planar optics design made simple

PlanOpSim software unites the different stages of designing metasurface and planar optics components in one tool. The same software calculates and models the three key steps in metalens design:

  • Nanostructure modelling: a powerful solver calculates the behaviour of nanoscale elements also called meta-atoms in detail from Maxwell's equations

  • Component design: holographic optimization algorithms arrange the nanostructures to produce the optical functions you specify

  • System integration: the results of PlanOpSim calculations can be directly plugged into widely used ray-tracers to calculate the metasurface's performance in the final application

PlanOpSim runs on any standard desk- or laptop. No cluster setups or supercomputers are needed.


Nanostructure Simulation

Component Simulation